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Lock fast and hold tight
Seam locker TruTool F 140 For quick, safe and powerful construction of Pittsburgh - seam Adjustable for special tasks (e.g. seam locking rust-free work pieces)
Consistently high seam quality for straight and curved applications
A continuous form roll concept ensures vibration free locking
Automatic feed does not require additional power
TruTool F 140
Sheet thickness
Steel 400 N / mm2 max.
Steel 600 N / mm2 max. 1.4 mm 0.6 mm
Working speed 6-10 m/min.
Smallest radius 300mm inner radius 500 mm outer radius
Weight 4.2 kg
Lock fast and hold tight
The Pittsburgh seam is the ideal seam joint on straight or bent ducts made of pre-formed pinned together border profiles. Aesthetically pleasing and solid fittings are produced without having to use additional fitting elements.
The seam locker TruTool F 300 i.e. TruTool F 301 will lock Pittsburgh seams by a self acting almost silent roll / sliding process without damaging the surfaces or metal coatings. The integral feed ensures constant seam accuracy and high quality of the seam lock.
Further details of the seam locker TruTool F 300/TruTool F 300 with 1400 W motor and TruTool F 301: Adjusts automatically to sheet thickness
Operation independent of edge length
No refitting when processing formed or folded pieces
Consistent seam quality with automatic feed system
TruTool F 300 is also available with pneumatic power
TruTool F 300
Sheet thickness Steel 400 N / mm2min. Steel 400 N / mm2max.
0.75 mm
1.25 mm
0.45 mm
1 mm
Working speed4-7 m/min. 4-6 m/min.
Smallest radius 150 mm inner radius 300 mm outer radius
150 mm inner radius 300 mm outer radius
Weight 5.4 kg 5.2 kg


Point for point - economically superior
Power fastener TruTool TF 350 Handy machine for mobile and stationary use Quick and efficient fastening guaranteeing constant fastening quality
Durable fastening of same or different materials
No need for additional screws or rivets
Technical data TruTool TF 350
Max. sheet thickness Steel 400 N/mm2 3.5 mm
Max. joining capacity 25 kN
Flange height 40 mm
Max. stroke rate 2 s-1
Motor rating 1400 W
Weight 8.3 kg